Solutions Based Counseling Helping Married Couples Stay Together

Solution Based Therapy

Therapy doesn't have to take years to be effective. In our world today it is difficult to avoid problems, but we can reduce them greatly by understanding the ways in which we actually create and maintain stress and anxiety in our daily lives.

Solution-Based Brief Therapy is:

  • A positive approach to creating the life we want to live by providing real and practical tools and skills. 
  • Re-focusing, reducing stress, and re-connecting to your own power and resources. 
  • About clearing (letting go and forgiving) the emotional burdens of the past without analyzing them. 
  • About helping you to say "Yes!" to life and "I can…" 
  • About being able to achieve the things you want to achieve, doing what you want to do, and feeling good about your life. 
  • Short term, often ten or less sessions depending on the nature and severity of your issue. 
  • Present rather than past oriented. 
  • Forward focused and goal-oriented. 
  • Focused on creating a positive present and future. 
  • A belief that positive thinking and perception are extremely important in creating well-being. 
  • Helpful to the client by working out constructive solutions rather than dwelling on problems 

I believe that problems are best understood in relation to their solutions. It is my job as a Solution Based therapist to help my clients recognize and build upon their own strengths and capacity for change. Our minds contain the solutions to anything we perceive as problems and it is my job to help my client to retrieve the information and use it to make their life better. I assist my clients to explore life without the problem. I work in partnership with my client to achieve set goals to make changes that they want in their lives. I believe that significant therapeutic change can occur quickly.

Solution-Based Therapy is a powerful and unique approach to working with clients that are desperately in need of solutions to their life problems. Therapy is often brief, sometimes ten sessions or fewer. The approach instills hope that change is possible in the most impossible looking situations. I believe my clients have within them the resources and strengths to improve their lives and relationships in a desired direction. My job is to help my client get unstuck and speed up the desired change process. I work collaboratively with my client to define their desired goals and solve their problems proactively.

I help my client:

  • Focus on solutions rather than problems. 
  • Focus on strengths and solutions. 
  • Develop clear goals for therapy. 
  • Reach their goals for change. 
  • Stay in the here and now. 
  • Stay focused on their stated goals. 
  • Find ways to get unstuck. 
  • Decrease their dependency on the therapist and increase their responsibility on themselves. 

Solution-Based Therapy can be used to help with a variety of issues and problems including anxiety, depression, grief, as well as relationship and family differences.

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