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Four Person Couples Therapy

Are you a couple that:  

·        Is dealing with issues relating to communication, trust, fidelity, boredom or questioning your love for one another? 

·       Caught up in careers or parenting and forgotten about your relationship to each other? 

·        Has been leading parallel lives so long that you are feeling uncertain about staying together? 

·       Has been living for years in a miserable or stagnant relationship? 

·       Are feeling stuck, frustrated and unable to make positive changes in your relationship? 

·       Has tried and been unsuccessful with traditional marriage or couples therapy? 

If you answer yes to even one of these you will want to read further to find out about the Four-Way Couples Therapy (FCT) Model.

Couples often find it more constructive to work with a male and female therapy team during marital problems. This method of therapy balances the gender-related issues, as well as providing a more expanded perspective of the relationship. Research has suggested that the male-female co-therapy team approach is the best therapeutic combination for couple’s therapy.

For this specialized work, Ingrid has chosen to team up with Jim C. Anderson, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist with over fourteen years of experience in working with individuals, couples and families. Jim  and Ingrid blend personal life experiences with extensive counseling experience and training to offer their clients a depth of compassion, understanding and effective process that supports their transition and change. They have both enjoyed significant success and personal satisfaction working individually with couples and have a total of over 32 years combined experience between them. For the past three years they have had the unique experience of working clinically with couples as a co-therapy team. They have an innovative, positive and intensive approach to work with couples who are not ready to give up on themselves! Many of these couples are facing difficult and often extreme and chronic issues that traditional marriage counseling doesn’t seem to resolve. As a co-therapy team, Jim and Ingrid share a method of treatment, experience and insights that are used to provide their clients with a safe therapeutic climate to explore the couple’s relationship.

Jim and Ingrid believe that their four-person format (two therapists, two clients) without question offers consistently superior relationship solutions.

  Advantages of Four-Person Co-therapy for couples are: 

1.    Offers an enhanced structure of equality by having a male and a female therapists working individually and jointly with the couple. 

2.    Generates more possibilities for resolution to the couple’s issues. (Two collaborative therapists are better than one.) 

3.    Prevents “triangling” (the feeling of two against one) which is often gender based, by having both genders equally represented in the Four-Person sessions. 

4.    Provides a functioning couple, the therapeutic team, modeling healthy relationship skills to the clients. 

5.    Generates more dynamic energy than traditional three-person format by having four individuals-two clients, two therapists – actively participating at the couple meetings. 

6.    Allows one of the therapists on the team to be a clinical observer, while the other therapist is directing and managing the session. The therapist’s ability to alternate roles as needed maintains and enhances the session’s continuity, focus, and momentum. This also allows the observing therapist to attend to shifts in the body language, facial expressions, etc., in both members of the couple. This would be very difficult for a single therapist to do. 

7.    Provides two therapists to manage a crisis should it arise in the Four-Person session. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, having the second therapist is invaluable to diffuse the issue. 

8.    Gives each client an individual therapist, not a “shared one”, and the couple also have their own therapy team. Therefore all three entities involved in the relationship are advocated. 

9.    Allows for an alternating and overlapping structure of meetings with the clients that ensures each individual and the couple benefit from direct and informed clinical attention-separately and together. 

10. Offers knowledge and awareness from each individual therapist of his or her  client to the Four – Person session, as well as vital insight regarding the couple’s dynamics and issues to the individual session. 

11. Provides the client a safe and dynamic place to make transitions and changes and to grow individually and within the framework of their couple relationship. 



The Four – Person Model operates as follows: 


The couple will meet in an initial consultation with both members of the co-therapy team to determine if the couple and the team are a good match.

If both the couple and the co-therapy team decide to work together the decision of individual therapist are made by many considerations – clinical, intuitive sense of the therapists and client preference.


Sessions will alternate between the Four – Person session one week (90 minutes) and an individual session for each (60 minutes) the following week. There will be times this schedule will be modified to allow either more individual or couples sessions. The occasions that require a change in the schedule will be made by either the therapist’s suggestion or from client request. There will always be a consensus for these modifications by all team members – therapists and clients.


The individual sessions are formatted with universal therapeutic structures and goals such as confidentiality, trust, accountability, authenticity and self-reliance. The one–to–one therapy relationship of individual therapy brings into the Four- Person session caring, support, and challenge in advancing the individuals concerns into a couple contexts.


The Four – Person sessions have their own foundational structure and goals which include honesty, open communication, assertiveness, effective confrontation, vulnerability and risk taking.


We have found that having mutually reinforcing and overlapping alliances with our clients provides them a safe and dynamic place to make transitions and changes, and to grow individually and within the framework of their couple relationship.


From our experience we have found that most couples make the same mistakes in their relationships over and over. When these mistakes are corrected the relationship transforms and thrives. Our approach, unlike others that focus on the past, has strategies that are designed to have immediate impact on the present.


We have the experience and know how to provide the skills and tools necessary to get unstuck and rediscover the relationship you have always wanted, but didn’t know how to get. Our goal is to help create lasting change in your relationship. You and your partner have the ability to relate in a loving and caring way. Our model does not give simplistic advice, but helps you and your partner use the most effective process to get lasting change. In order to have a healthy relationship two healthy individuals are required. What better way to achieve this than working on both individuals, while also addressing the couple with a proven co-therapy team that is working together to get desired results.



Many couples are referred to us from previous clients or friends and family members who know about our services. However, if you are encountering us for the first time on the internet, you may not have the same confidence as when you receive a personal referral. That is why we offer a FREE telephone consultation to all new clients. Consultations last approximately 30 minutes and they give you a chance to learn more about our Four – Person process for couples. They also give us an opportunity to learn about your situation so we may guide you in getting help. If we discover that our services are not appropriate for you, we will refer you elsewhere to get the help you need.


We welcome your inquiries and answer e-mail daily. For immediate help or to schedule a FREE 30 MINUTE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION please call Ingrid 704-892-1337 or Jim at 704-677-6114.

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