Solutions Based Counseling Helping Married Couples Stay Together

Is There Anything We Can Do To Save Our Marriage?


Marriage is a journey, that has good times, bad times, and surprises- some delightful some painful.  Along this journey you can face unforeseen problems and tests.  These unexpected obstacles may seem insurmountable.  When you get to the breaking point it is time to look to a solutions based marriage counseling professional for guidance or direction.  The obstacles or challenges you face can be different each day, week, or year. Areas of counseling covered in the Solutions-Based marriage counseling method include:

  • Marriage and Couples counseling       
  • Family counseling   
  • Divorce/ separation prevention and recovery
  • Pre-marital/Re-marital Counseling     
  • Parenting/Co-parenting Coaching     
  • Blended Family issues     
  • Depression/Anxiety       
  • Anger Management        

Solution-Based Therapy helps you effectively work toward your goals and around the obstacles. Solution-oriented marriage counseling looks for solutions to our problems without dissecting the problem. This enables you to reach goals by the use of strategies that may have been previously overlooked. The Solution-Based Therapy process is a positive approach that leads to lasting change quickly. 

Don't Give Up

Don't be tempted to give up, don't abandoned your marriage, put forth an effort and have Ingrid assist you with this journey. Get the skills you need to work through problems and be successful in your  marital relationship. 

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Thank you for visiting my Website and I hope you will take advantage of my experience in marriage counseling and reach out for direction and guidance in your marriage.  Solution-Based marriage counseling may be the kick start that's needed to get your relationship back on track. Call me at (704)892-1337 or e-mail to schedule your free 30 minute telephone consultation right away. 


 Dont Give Up